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"My girlfriends are on it so it is fun for me to look over their shoulder," she said.

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Now, at 41, she's a mother of two, a businesswoman, an author and a producer as well as an actress—though considering she had been doing What it has always seemed like, where Drew is regarded, is that nothing can hold her down for long and she won't be held back by anything.

And it seems as though that is the case when it comes to her relationships, too.

She may just be too much of a free spirit to be attached for too long. News confirmed today that she and husband Will Kopelman, the father of her two girls, had split up after close to four years of marriage.

A source told us that they had been living primarily apart for several months.

Appearing with “Santa Clarita Diet” co-star Timothy Olyphant in a Sirius XM town hall hosted by Andy Cohen, the 41-year-old actress opened up about her dating life — or lack thereof.

It's best to always expect the unexpected with Drew Barrymore, and that has gone for her career and her love life.and just going, 'I wanna date him,'" Barrymore joked. EXCLUSIVE: Drew Barrymore Dishes on Her Secrets to Co-Parenting and Makeup-Free Beauty "I remember when you were just waiting for that phone to ring, and then you were worried, 'cause you would miss their call," she shared.Drew Barrymore has confessed that she is still "in shock" following her divorce from Will Kopelman.In the spread, they held each other and kissed, and the writer noted that during the interview, they "couldn't keep their hands off of each other." Ow ow! I have always considered myself bisexual."And, of course, the interview quotes are raising a few more eyebrows now than they did back then.Six years earlier, Barrymore told Contact Music in 2003, "Do I like women sexually? For instance, Barrymore gushed, "Ellen has such a beautiful body, and I personally battled with my own body image for years.The quirky actress, born into one of Hollywood's most storied families, has surprised at every turn.


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