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Love is not based on race, culture, class or where you were born.PERCEPTION DATING RELATIONSHIP AND MARRIAGE Our mission is to provide an interactive community, forum or place for members to meet, network communicate and fall in love while maintaining a healthy community.We should never forget that relationships and Marriages are investments. P-DRAM aims to provide you with the support and resources to help keep a healthy relationship and marriage strong, or repair trust and love in one on the rocks. This is World only hook up Facebook group for matured minds,we promote relationship,marriage,love,cultures,traditions and community from coast to coast. Respect your fellow being as like you wish to be respected.

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We will not hesitate to report such profiles to facebook. Please take note, every posts placed on this forum will be scrutinized by the group admins before being approved and if posts do not meet requirements / criteriaâs, the posts will not be approved, meaning it will not go live. Friends-Dating & Looking For Love Again Is A Group To Make Friends And Possibly More! Absolutely No Nudes Or You Will Be Banned Without A Warning! Please go to the files and find your state and put info below in comments 4. It can be iether a friend or for dating is your choice. Rules: no profanity, racism's in any kind, no trolling. A desrespect members authomatically block, lets build good friendship and also relationship if possible.

Since this group forever will remain decent we do not have any age-limit. These criteriaâs are as follows; profile with out no pix will not be accepted Posts not offensive to anyone Posts not aimed at anyone in the group in a negative manner No posts looking for partner is allowed here, If you need to search, you can privately inbox the admins, and they will take it further. Posts should be fun Entertaining Brain teasers Fun. If You Have Any Problems With A Member Being Disrespectful Or Harassing You Please Let One Of Us Admins Know And We Will Take Care Of It! Owner-Rachel Pence Owner Rosalia Lopez Admin- Edward Krol You can meet new friends, sharing ideas, advice and lots more..

It is our experience that age-limits make young people lie about their age. Empowering people Positive Positive ETC We also discuss topics relating to business, beliefs, moral values, cultures, marriage and marriage ideas (but nothing personal please) but you can be personal if you want to (optional) and you will always be advised accordingly. You must be 18 years of age and above before joining the group..

We prefer they show ther real age and stay with us in a decent group rather than they join groups with no rules. No one is allowed to discriminate or initiate fight in the group. Youthâs empowerment, Education, entrepreneurship and a whole lots more. This is not an add me kind of group or posting ads..

Your heart is looking forward to a new exciting relationship and you think of getting married a man or woman who belong to any part of world ...

You believe in love and romance, but you havenât met the man or woman of your dream yet ...ɪf á´ ÊɪKá´ Fá´N á´Êá´N Já´ÉªN ɪᴠ~Godbless all & enjoy~ ---Founder--- Aim Renzcil Alderite Helping people.their happiness and how to build good relationship .foreign and Asian. Speak English because it is a common language so all members understand. Thank you for being part of this group, we truly hope you r experience will be positive and memorable. Admins SA MATURED WOMEN DATING NIGERIAN MATURED MEN WELCOME TO: FIND YOUR DESTINEY LOVE AND ROMANCE AROUND THE WORLD... No adverts, No links,promoting sites or groups No rude behavior Always speak english And use englidh language only ..... Just be yourself, be respectful and respectable one.. Join meeting and gaining friends and find 1 pure love. Rude Cheating Naked Post & no business advertisement .. Make instant connections and find friends, romantic partners, or your soul mate. Also offers dating advice, tips on how to maximize a personals listing, and a guide to meeting the right person. This group is about for all the people who wants to meet their soulmate,true love,destiny, new friends and for all who wants to share their views on post and pictures!!!! But please dont be abusive, just simply read and follow the group rules. Join us grow the circle of friendship and love Open group to those who wants to meet people in different countries.. Matchmaking, personals, interest groups, and local events for singles living in or near large metropolitan the best way to meet singles in your city or around the world! Dating This group is for sincere men and women in Asia and around the world to meet each other. Feel free to add your friends and comment or post anything about relationship,marriage,love,and any educating post. You'll realize why you don't have the same group of friends, You'll realize why your first love didn't work out, And you'll realize that it all happened . I would like to describe the group instruction here in order to make this group as a place of friendship and care 1. We want people to meet for friendship - for marriage - or just to enjoy a good time together online. "It's a place you go to heal your hurt It's an altar, it's a shelter One place you're always welcome" This group has been created to introduce Filipio people and culture to the world.The rules are simple and all about being nice, decent, polite and respectful towards eachother. A place, you can date, make new friends without any fear. Dear members, Welcome to our Group, this group aims to help Single men and Women to find his/her special someone or lets say future partner (bf,gf,husband or wife). #creator- Trisha Admin- Vaughan Admin- Peterpan Admin- Carl Admin- Bella Admin - Rosellie Admin - Yrna Admin- Liezel Admin -Lindy Hello Furumites, welcome to the forum.The admins are here to make sure that everything is ok and have the authority to ban any member who does not behave according to the rules. All profiles will be checked before added to the group. Whether you are single, in love, engaged or married, there is no age, no boundaries for sharing our experience of life. This is a CLEAN GROUP, so please STOP posting nude pics,sex videos or any inappropiate This is 3rd ASIAN & FORIGN DATING AND MARRIAGE , This group for looking LOVERS& HUSBAND , only the real and right person here belonging to this group... This forum is here for the purpose of meeting new friends, creating relationships, networking, sharing ideas making contacts, having fun and most importantly strengthening the bond between Nigerians and our darling country South Africa.

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