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I love Europe With so many countries it is hard to pick a favorite so here is a few highlight experiences.

I have a love of the Spanish Balearic Islands and in particular the old town in Palma Mallorca.

In the accompanying music video, Madonna portrayed two opposite characters – a young, pious Catholic woman and a glamorous, passionate Latina.

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I love how you can go sleep all day and go out for dinner late at night, I have some amazing memories of tramping up to the top of a volcanic pinnacle and the view from the monastery at the top, It amazes me how we managed to walk up the top and even more so how they managed to build a stone Monetary on top, I must say we were happy to find a small fridge at the top where you could purchase a cold drink in the heat of the day and enjoy what I can only say was the best can of coke I’ve ever tasted.

Paris is just what I always thought it was going to be and more, I loved walking around soaking up this incredible city and would rise early each morning to head to the bakery finding the perfect Espresso Coffee & Croissant combination that only can be had in Paris, I can honestly say there is nothing quite like staring at the Eiffel tower watching the sun rise & drinking your Coffee & Croissant with no other tourists. With so many favorite countries I must mention Germany with its beautiful rivers & its amazing Black Forest area to Switzerland with its postcard perfect scenery such as Lake Lucerne & Mount Titlis – Just spectacular.

At night we would venture out to dinner at the massive night outdoor food court where you can expect to experience the most amazing food surrounded by the locals.

The Air-conditioned shopping malls meant shopping could be never ending, Kuala Lumpur is a great place to visit on a stopover to Europe where you can stop, relax and explore & shop before heading home.

I love cruising and how you can arrive each day at a different destination, well rested and ready to explore.

One cruise highlight was being on-board one of the first cruise lines to return to Vanuatu soon after their devastating cyclone, as we were able to load the ship with building supplies, food and gifts for the local families.

I have been to rarotonga so many times it feels like a second home, Its so easy to just arrive and know what I want to do, where to eat & where to get the best Paw Paws from ther locals selling them on the side of the road.

& the best Chutney in the pacific at Fruits of Rarotonga, their corned beef,cheese & paw paw chutney tosted sandwich is worth the trip.

You can’t leave Japan without experiencing a bullet train and highlights for me would be a trip to Mt Fiji & trips to Hakone Waterfall & Temples .

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