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Knowing Who’s Right and Avoiding Who’s Wrong by Barbara De Angelis Ph D.Barbara De Angelis is one of the original relationship self-help authors, and one of the best-selling of all time.Blum, who also specializes in EFT, explained that “The book outlines several stages of healing work that couples can do together, in the privacy of their own home and at their own pace—called the ‘seven conversations’—that are truly effective, if both partners allow themselves to fully engage in the process.”She added that the book “takes some very rich theory and research about how human beings are wired for close connection and attachment with each other, and translates it into easy-to-follow chapters and exercises that have the goal of resolving long-standing hurts between partners and helping them to feel close, safe, and ‘held’ by their most intimate partner.”You can learn more about Sue Johnson and her work here.2.

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5) How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You by Leil Lowndes.

Lowndes has several books, any one of which I could have mentioned because they’re all great.

“Many are shocked to find how often science disagrees with conventional wisdom,” Howes said.

As a dating expert, I’ve read my share of dating books – the good, the bad, and the painfully unoriginal.

This book goes into how men and women date differently, how to succeed with the other sex, and how to navigate the 5 stages of dating. It’s very rare to find any dating or relationship book that’s scientifically-based.

You may not agree with everything he says (I don’t), but the insight and information he provides is priceless. Fisher is a scientist and academic who’s written a fantastic book on the four different love types and what they’re like, how they love, what types they click with, and their commitment style.

She goes on a great journey, putting herself through matchmaking, dating coaching, online dating, speed-dating, and every other modern dating tool we have.

Although her basic premise is very fear-based and a bit whiny, and the book focuses on the “dark side” of dating, it will make you re-evaluate your views on marriage and men.

You can learn more about Harville Hendrix and Imago Relationship Therapy here.4.

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman and Nan Silver.

Some people dismiss self-help books as drivel or a collection of common sense advice that they already know. Below, several couples therapists share their top-rated books on relationships.

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