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The new edition of the Guide To Getting It On is off to the best start of any new edition since the 4th!

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He’ll masturbate in the privacy of his home and then do a video of his semen with his phone.

To have the test performed, he’ll upload the video to a center that does sperm analysis.

I also discovered that anemones have gonads and they are hornier than their majestic little tentacles might lead you to think.

Anemones reproduce both sexually (egg and sperm) and asexually, which would be the human equivalent of creating a child each time you masturbated—a sobering thought if there ever was one.

This will be changing in the next year or two, because a researcher from Japan has devised a way of doing male fertility tests by phone.

A man who needs to have his fertility checked will put a newly invented lens over the camera on his phone.Hip Hop dancers from all over the world took part in this year’s UK B-Boy Championships. But please, please, please do not encourage your partner to learn how to squirt or “female ejaculate.” I’ve heard concerns from colleagues in medicine that there may be a higher incidence of bladder prolapse in women who have taught themselves to squirt.This image is of Neguin, a member of the Red Bull BC One All Stars, the team that won the 2016 competition. This would make sense, since a woman releases mostly urine after the first two teaspoons of liquid are expelled during orgasm.This is why it’s perfectly normal for women’s breasts to change in consistency and sensitivity from week to week during each menstrual cycle.The NSFW part of the image gallery is by Lee Meier from Portland Oregon.These are now identical to the chapters in the new 9th edition. This month, I will be uploading chapters on birth control and STIs to the website, so I can provide you with easy links to the CDC and to the websites of the companies that make contraceptives.

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