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Joe Mac Dougald '87 Lisa Cohen '87 On a dark night in my first full week of freshman year, I, Joe, showed up at field practice as a member of the marching band.Not knowing what to expect, I harbored vague concerns about learning marching drills.

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Instead the modestly organized chaos of the Brown band exploded in front of me as I drew near the field.

The on-field "formations" we practiced consisted of anatomical representations of questionable taste and unlikely proportion—all created while playing Sousa marches, school songs, or show tunes.

(She shows our children that move on occasion now too.) Later that night we went out to the second-floor balcony for a beer.

I faked trying to tackle her over the bannister she was leaning on, but I tripped and the two of us somersaulted down onto the plastic garbage cans with me landing on top of her.

Read the full statement here: The fourth annual Tech Savvy Connecticut conference is hosted by AAUW CT at Trinity College.

The conference is open to sixth- through ninth-grade girls who want to learn about careers in science, technology, math, and engineering (STEM), and for parents and educators who want to encourage girls to realize their potential in these fields.Because he was a freshman and I was a senior, we both just thought we would date casually.We even ended the relationship at some point, thinking it could never work after I graduated and Sam stayed in school.On Halloween one year, she and my roommate hid on the stairs, and as I walked up, they grabbed my legs in the darkness.It totally flipped me out and I started kicking, which of course enabled Nancy to do her patented somersaults down the carpeted stairs.I found out that he was from Mozambique and that he spoke six languages.


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