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In short, if your goal is to actually meet someone, not make nerdy conversation on the other side of the country, save your time and money; this site is a loser.Brainiac Dating is a dating site for singles who are looking for someone that mostly uses their left side of the brain.

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Blog posting is big on this site too, and you can write as many posts as you like, following and commenting on messages that other members post.

Again, this allows you to meet people you might not otherwise have spoken to, allowing your relationship to flourish based on mutual interests rather than simply looking at a sparse profile page.

Brainiac Dating is chockfull of features: games, badge-collecting, blog tools, flirt cards, friend-ing, instant messaging… you can even add music and videos to your profile page.

You can store up to 15 photos totaling 2MB to show off your sensible looks.

In fact, you can upload poems and store poems you enjoy, sharing them with your favorite members as a way to get chats going.

You won’t find that on many dating sites, rest assured!Brainiac's motto is: It's sexy to be smart.If you're looking to ditch the sexy photos and stick to a simple site where members value brains over brawn, Brainiac Dating (free to .99 for six months) should be at the top of your list of online dating sites.There's already a lively community of smart men and women there on the site to be discovered.Don't worry, you don't have to take an IQ test to join Brainiac Dating.All profiles and photos are reviewed before going live on the site, so there's less chance of finding offensive images here than on many other dating sites.


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