Breast cancer survivor dating

He had followed me on Facebook and knew about my cancer, I just had to fill in all the gaps.

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I wonder how they would feel about not having a breast to add to their insecurities!

’ Jeanette was diagnosed with breast cancer at 45 in June 2012.

And a quick search for ‘dating advice’ brings up countless pages dedicated to the topic.

But if you’ve had breast cancer, there may be additional worries to negotiate when looking for a match. He asked me about the cancer and we arranged a second date.

But missing one breast means I’m incredibly nervous about the idea of a new man seeing my body.

Most of all I worry about what point to raise the topic.

I hadn’t intended to talk about my breasts on my first date, and it seemed he was just as reluctant to hear about them!

‘Finding oneself back on the “dating scene” later in life is challenging for anyone.

But after the breakup of my marriage shortly before my diagnosis, I missed being close to someone.

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