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They used to be in a band together when they were little. heh) and and your unwavering faith in my strange hobbies has really kept me afloat. They still remain close friends and even shared custody for their pekenese dogs Wednesday and Wolfman.

‘You’ve always talked me off the ledge (in the right direction of course… And as sane as you are you never make me feel like I’m crazy. ‘My idea of the perfect Sunday is going and working on my music with my way too sexy producer Anthony and coming home quite conceited from the fabulous sessions.’ and Majandra used to date while together on ‘Roswell’.

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Due to the lack of Roswell posts nowadays, this blog hasn’t been active that much but we hope to get it back on track.

The cast and creator of The WB’s beloved three-season alien drama, “Roswell,” in Austin, Texas on June 9 to reminisce about the three years they spent working on a show about extraterrestrial teenagers in the days before social media, from 1999-2002.

was a series about a group of teenage aliens posing as humans in present day Roswell, New Mexico, trying to keep their identities as extraterrestrials a secret from everyone other than their new human friends and lovers.

During its three seasons on the air—first on The WB, then on UPN—the series acquired a devoted, cult following thanks to its unique mix of teen drama and science fiction. Burns were hired as staff writers during the show’s third season.

Also, Liz’s last name was changed from Ortecho to Parker, Alex from Mannis to Whitman, and the character of Jesse was created exclusively for television.

Executives were hesitant to hire Ledger after the failure of his short-lived series, .

“I thought it through like it was actually a good idea,” he says. “I rounded the corner as he was peeing and was like ‘What’s happening?

’ What’s so funny, just to show you where we were all at, it didn’t seem that crazy to me,” she says.

Fehr recently played a businessman in A Christmas Kiss and the navigator of a U. Fehr was in a relationship with and was engaged briefly to his Roswell costar and onscreen love interest Majandra Delfino between 20.


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