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She said the students, many displaced, have been locating each other via social media and forming connections while out of school, remarkable given they barely know each other before school started.“They were so proud to be a part of the first class at Cristo Rey,” Rowe said.

The Woodland Ridge area where Episcopal High School is situated sustained significant flood damage as Jones Creek overflowed and poured into people’s homes.

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At least one full day each week, its student work at a white-collar job in town.

Seventeen Baton Rouge employers have agreed to underwrite part of their tuition in exchange for their work.“It took us two years to get here.

Sensing opportunity, Connor Hebert, the 10-year-old son of Development Director Kendall Hebert, hit the ground and began harvesting these worms for future fishing lures.

President James Llorens said the flooding destroyed furniture and school materials, everything except the school’s computers, which were above the flood waters.

The Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge has three schools that took in flood water, but only two with significant damage: St.

Alphonsus in Greenwell Springs and the school that now occupies Redemptorist's recently vacated halls, Cristo Rey Franciscan High School.29, using space at Brighton Elementary, 9150 Bereford Drive.Runnels' upper grades, 5-12, will resume classes five days earlier, taking up temporary residence at Broadmoor United Methodist Church campus, 10230 Mollylea Drive.Now we are starting over," Vic Howell, chairman of Cristo Rey’s board of directors, said with resignation as he looked at the flooded gym.School officials initially thought they were okay, but the water flooded along St.Even in the lower school, water hit some spots but not others.

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