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“You won’t constantly think of the dirty bathroom that you have to go back to or the room.

My heart raced, as this young lissom girl peeled off her maroon robes to sit in the sun in a bikini—Zeenie Baby was much bolder—and my heart raced hoping that I would catch some of that famed free-love moment.

Only to come to a screeching halt as time was fleeting and as short as the attention span of a child after a box of candy and a huge can of Coke.

For Osho, the biggest change has been the internet, says Pramod, hugger number 2.

Osho’s is one of the most popular channels on the web.

However, there is a strange sense of peace—or stillness—that fleetingly, in the kind of euphoric moments that Elizabeth Gilbert describes in Eat, Pray, Love, creeps in suddenly. It is like hanging on to a wet, soapy glass—very slippery.

Meditation, the constant switching from music to quiet, to music again, helps you feel centred.

There are more goras on the serene campus than on the streets of London.

But quiet, yet alive, with stagnant pools of water with statues of Buddhas sitting meditatively, there is this feeling of energy that is impossible to miss.

The sit-alone-chanting-a-mantra to find that moment of epiphany doesn’t work here.

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