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newborn, already named “a part of the Dallas Cowboy family” by the team.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and wife Candice Crawford welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Hawkins Crawford Romo, on Monday.“Hawkins Crawford Romo is now a part of the Dallas Cowboys family,” a rep for the Cowboys said in a statement, confirming the new team member.

He's been linked with many vixens and has dated singers like Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood.

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Romo’s girlfriend seemed to take Underwood’s claims seriously and admits that she checked his phone records to see if he really was calling his ex.

Simpson told a radio station in an interview yesterday that she ended up laughing with Romo at Underwood’s claim, even though she was first suspicious enough to check her boyfriend’s call log.

If she doesn’t give the specifics people might lose interest in her, not that she likely has any idea what she’s doing or is actually able to withhold information about herself.

You can tell that Romo has a type – blond, pretty and petty.

She should probably learn not to talk about him and keep her feelings to herself.

Simpson is just a singer and a spokesperson who represents stuff – it’s not like she has a lot to offer besides the details of her personal life.

2007 - 2007Carrie and the Dallas Cowboys star became friends in 2006, and were rumored to be dating throughout 2007.

Romo confirmed the relationship on his website and in a newspaper interview in May 2007, after she sang karaoke at his 27th birthday party and he was her Academy of Country Music Awards date.

“We got a chuckle out of it.” Simpson and Romo seem to be going strong. “He’s the first person I’ve spiritually connected with.” Romo has been supporting Simpson while she works on her country album, Do You Know, due September 9. [From US Weekly] Maybe that was the extent of Simpson’s comments about her relationship and she struggled to not gush about Tony.

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