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She suspected that her parents had not had sex for months and she thought her daddy had been looking at her in an unusual way of late.

Bianca would always put those cum soaked panties to her nose and breathe in the aroma of her daddy’s male seed, wishing she had seen it spurting. She made fresh orange juice, coffee and toast with marmalade for herself and daddy and took it into his bedroom on a tray.

Daddy was lying in bed half awake and sat up as Bianca entered.

Bianca was turning 15 on Sunday and her mom was away interstate on business for a week as usual, probably fucking that lawyer down in Florida that daddy knew nothing about Bianca guessed.

Bianca was tempted to tell daddy about it but thought it best not to intervene.

As she did so one of her breasts escaped her loose nightie, but it slid back in as she straightened.

Although his cock (still wrapped in her panties) had started to deflate upon her entry, it had reinvigorated with the vision of her nipples and thick bush and now this brief glimpse of her exposed left tit brought his huge cock to full erection again.

Bianca had marvelled at the length, thickness and beauty of her father’s uncircumcised olive-pink cock with its huge mushroom- like head poking enticingly out of his foreskin.

Even since then she has been masturbating to the vision of her father’s cock, knowing that it was not getting the pussy it so deserved.

Between her thighs he could see a thick forest of dark brown, hiding her lips of heaven that he ached to see and touch.


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