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# Define two additional variables used in the Makefile substitution.

if test "$ac_cv_header_stdbool_h" = yes; then STDBOOL_H='' @@ -19,6 19,13 @@ AC_DEFUN([AM_STDBOOL_H], STDBOOL_H='stdbool.h' fi AC_SUBST([STDBOOL_H]) if test "$ac_cv_type__Bool" = yes; then HAVE__BOOL=1 else HAVE__BOOL=0 fi AC_SUBST([HAVE__BOOL]) ]) # AM_STDBOOL_H will be renamed to gl_STDBOOL_H in the future.

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To support this, the Boolean structure is equipped with the Compare To() method.

Logical AND (&&) false && false: false false && true: false true && false: false true && true: true Logical OR (||) false || false: false false || true: true true || false: true true || true: true Logical NOT (!

Hi, I'm trying to copy this structure to a QByte Array: typedef struct driver_id_receipt_data_type; The structure already being declared and filled with: driver_id_receipt_data_type receipt; receipt.status_change_id = payload.mid(2,4)UInt(); receipt.result_code = true; receipt.reserved[0] = 0; receipt.reserved[1] = 0; receipt.reserved[2] = 0; Every approach I use (cast to (char *), ::from Raw Data(), etc) I stumble upon the impossibility of reaching the desired goal... Any help appreciated ;) Best regards, Pedro Doria Meunier Hi Caduel, Thx for your time.

The goal here is simply put those bytes of the structure into a QByte Array which will then be passed to another function to process it.

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The show leaves many Americans trying to figure out whether it's moral or just poking fun at people with a christian life style.If the value is not valid, the program would produce an error.Here is an example: Notice that the first argument returns True although it was passed as False.If the argument is passed as "True", the method returns true.If the argument is "false", this method returns false. Parse() method to retrieve the value of a Boolean variable, if the supplied value is "TRUE" or "FALSE", the compiler would process it.Since I have a gadzillion of other struct types I can't possibly write a function to handle them one-by-one.

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