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Trying to get their personal data is cumbersome and many times impossible.

When you finally are ready to meet, you will be charged extra for an interpreter, whether you need him or not. So I complained with Paypal, tried to get my money, or some of it, back.

Not that Im complaining hah The site and business model is predicated on keeping men "hooked" on writing endless letters and chatting with women.

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In this picture, it looks like he and Kathryn are quite comfortable together, and looks to be the second picture of him with his arm placed around her.

This is also a picture he shared, saying that they were hanging out in Charleston, South Carolina, on a Friday night.

So, who is this mystery guy, Aaron Jones, in the picture?

Well, we honestly haven’t a clue at the moment, but one things for sure — he’s a lot younger than Thomas Ravenel.

I bought a few credits as a test to see whether this site is a is.

Despite asking questions to several girls (who can all apparently speak English well) whether there is any way that members can actually communicate directly or even meet they all skated round the issue and sent pitiful letters about how awful their lives are (I've been to Ukraine many times and that's not the case).In short, a lucrative business model and a total scam for the customer. Gorgeous ladies but you can't leave any contact information with a lady until you spend lots of $. Most email you back in hours, although they dont have internet at home... Paypal off course sided with their big generator as they always do. most positive "reviews" here and on some other sites are probably fake.The site also rips you off if you have credits and don't use the site for a few weeks! Well, after she started to communicate with me through email, her IP address said she lived in Kiev. And often these emails from them become sexual in nature. Most women are fake or they have NO intention to ever meet you. Because I complained, Charmdate blocked my account, I could no longer do anything and the rest of my credits were wasted. They spend a lot of resources trying to block out bad reviews, since it may hurt their business. On Charmingdate I can chat online in real time or email at my leisure with those sexy Russian, and have all the information my potential date entered at fingertips. To tell you the truth, I'm someone that gets nervous easily so online dating has been a saviour.Tim in Calgary website Ispent four months on this worthless website and advanced my "relationship" with five different women to the point of purchasing their contact information. When we established communication outside the website, she emailed me from a city 300 miles east of Moscow in Russia. After three months and exchanging 120 letters between us, she refused to communicate with me through Skype or Viber. So, I hired a detective in Keiv to pull her name and birthdate - both provided by Charm Date. No wonder this one refused to give me her address, and refused to talk on Skype. And some are there recruited (they give out recruitment folders to women in Ukraine and Russia) and make money on every communication with them. Truth is, they are written by people in the local agencies. They never ever cared about my complaints, gave me credit etc. But dont take my word for it, go ahead and spend your money. I can just be myself and not fidget or stumble on my words like I normally would on a date or when I meet a girl. It's easy to use and I really hope I find someone ASPS.One lady sold me the wrong postal address, and the local Ukrainian post office said my package was undeliverable due to "incorrect address." This lady refused to communicate with me outside the website - because the website pays ladies to communicate with me. Well, Russian citizens need a visa to travel to the USA, and citizens of the Czech Republic do not need a visa to travel to the USA. She later explained "this is my father's address, and I no longer talk to him." Wow, another fraud. The bottom line is that Charm Date does not verify the identity of the ladies - like they promise. I have asked about things they wrote me and the woman had no clue what I was talking about. They know they have you, or the next sucker will come along. i have had been getting on wonderfully with a Lady named Alina on this site - i had stopped mailing anyone else - i had really fallen for her - but when i started to talk about meeting each other to see what our real feelings would be she was not so willing - i feel that i was being kept on-line in conversation because i was paying eveytime i mailed her and read her mail - it now seems like she was on commission and that she never intended to meet me - is that what they all do ?????We don’t know, but we did some snooping through Aaron’s profile, and saw that he does appear to be quite the lady’s man.


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