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Like all private lender loans, Chase Select Student Loans are determined by the applicants credit score.

In many cases a cosigner will be necessary for students to secure a loan, and to be eligible for the best available interest rates.

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The Chase Select Private Student Loan has no origination fees or penalties for early repayment, and applicants can take advantage of the in-school deferment plan which requires no payments until after graduation.

It is important to remember that deferment plans only delays your payment schedule, and you will b e responsible for all interest that accrues on your loan while you are in school.

Managing your Federal loans through Chase allows you easy access to support staff and advice, while still taking advantage of the low fixed interest rates, payment deferment options and subsidies offered by the Federal government.

While Chase acts as the primary lender on your government loan, all Federal requirements and conditions must still be met in order to qualify for any particular Federal student loan program.

While the loan is still underwritten and guaranteed by the government, Chase manages all of your day to day loan activities.

By managing your Federal loans through Chase you can take advantage of their personalized service, while still reaping the benefits of a government secured student loan.

Deferred payment plans are available to eligible students though, as with all private lender loans, interest will continue to accrue while you are attending school.

The Chase Graduate Student Loan has no origination fees or early repayment penalties, and interest rates are set by the lender.

Any college-bound student searching for financial aid should first look to the available Federal grant and loan programs before considering a private lender loan.


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