Child dating someone

They say they have given their kids the right foundation to go out there and protect themselves emotionally and physically, if need be,” says Shilpa Deshpande.“According to me, the right age for dating should be 17-18 years.

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This can be anywhere between 15-18 years old,” she avows.

“All my friends have children too young to date but from the experiences of my older cousins and aunts whose daughters were or are dating, some of them are able to let go off their fears and trust their daughters to make the right choices in life.

Also, there is a lot of peer pressure regarding dating.

Social media culture doesn’t help either,” says Dr Vipul Rastogi, consultant — neuropsychiatry, Medanta, Gurgaon.

But how do you deal with this situation when you don't have any children of your own?

I still remember the day I came back after a student exchange programme from the UK; my mother had this unusual expression on her face, there was some question that kept haunting her, but she never asked me,” says Aditi Rao.

Broad definitions“Dating is best described with the idiom ‘testing the water’.

You may be attracted to one aspect of somebody’s personality and it is a way of knowing them better,” says Dr Vipul.

As parents, should we discourage, not pay much heed to it or reflect on our relationship with the child?

Some suggest not giving it the due attention, as it would fizzle out in no time, while many stress the need to communicate.

How far this can be emulated in an Indian family is something questionable.


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