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Unlike American women, don’t expect Latin women to thank you for your chivalry, it’s expected. They’re dangerous and will become more and more frequent. But in the age of social media, extensive digital footprints and general oversharing, it’s virtually impossible to keep your past relationships hidden from potential partners. So, don’t sweep your past under the carpet, be open about your failures and it’ll make those dating successes sweeter.

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Women on Internet dating sites in Latin America carry the same baggage as those on dating sites in the United States (surveyed). Pay by the hour hotel rooms (telos) aren’t just for drug dealers and prostitutes. If she knows where the cheap telos are outside her neighborhood, pump the brakes and think about it. In South America, discotecas are what we call Night Clubs and Night Clubs are what we call places where you pay women to have sex with you. Strip clubs in Latin America aren’t like those in the States; lap dances are like a free sample.

Gringo hunters are real and they can be very persuasive.

Automatically add 2 bases when utilizing Sangria in cold weather and Clerico in warm weather. If you say you’re going to call and she accepts that, call.

Dance Floor Etiquette 1: Ask permission to dance rather than just grinding up behind them like in the States. Dance Floor Etiquette 2: If already on the dance floor, approach women with equal dancing partners or they will turn you down (they won’t leave their friends). Unlike Americans, most Latinas eat their biggest meal for lunch, which is great because that save you money on dinner.

From enjoying a virtual date over Skype to updating Snapchat stories to keep your partner up-to-date with your day, technology has eliminated many of the pitfalls of long distance dating and opened up more possibilities for finding love, near or far.

I think it’s sexy if done with the right person and food selection (When eating ribs respect the space).

Use the 3 day rule or reply to that text straightaway?

In the ever-changing dating landscape, it’s hard to know which rules apply.

When you start spilling drinks or confessing your love, it’s time to cut yourself off. It might save yourself from a angry boyfriend or big friends. If you turn and admire a beautiful women walk by in Latin America you’re not a pervert, you’re a man.

Take the first half hour to just watch the club dynamics before approaching anyone.

Latin Punctuality Guide – Work: on time, Date: 10-20 minutes late, Party: 1-2 hours late. Some Colombian girls get fake boobs for their Quinceañera (sweet 15).


  1. On the wedding day itself, young brides often wear a traditional sari for the ceremony followed by a fancy lengha inspired by a Bollywood mega-star for the reception.

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  4. Scotland Yard said her attacker, a young man aged in his late 20s, repeatedly punched her in the face after she politely rejected his advances.

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