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No way will she have to work at least three times as hard as you to fucking prove herself, even though she shouldn’t have to! You fucking insulted an awesome, accomplished young woman, and are probably going to come out smelling like fucking roses!As the fucking song goes, she has been “sentenced to a life of ease”, being a woman, and a woman of color on top of that! You will be surviving to continue to fucking do what you do best: harass the fuck out of defenseless people, and put them on the fucking defensive as well!

The Circle Jerks put out one of the most energetic, frenzied, ridiculous, stupid and satisfying punk records of all time, and then made a career out of failing to live up to expectations. Had they just broken up when they SHOULD have, their reputation wouldn't be so sullied today. So there's a tad of musical progression and more of a sense of "making an album" as opposed to "ending each song as quickly as humanly possible," but it's still cool and speedy enough to punk you down the highway, Mr. [email protected](Michael Kozlowski) I must disagree and say that I like this album better. Excuse me while I hang upside down and vomit into my nose! But still - enough cutesy merriment to slightly warrant its existence.

Just skip the first and last number and everything else varies between the eminently headbangable and the merely okay. "Defamation Innuendo," in particular, is an awfully cool little groover that wouldn't have fit in at all on Group Sex. Some really, really, really awful stuff ("Killing For Jesus"?

They hit rock bottom with an entirely unnecessary reunion album dreamt up as an attempt to cash in on the success of Green Day in the mid-90s. ), and THIS is the album that I am forced to hop all the way through. Golden Shower may be longer than Group Sex, but it sure feels more like a ripoff! [email protected] so many Cali-punk bands of the early-to-mid 1980s that had a groundbreaking debut to live up to, the Jerks never really recaptured the "first-album" fire and inspiration of Group Sex (Social Distortion Mommy's Little Monster, the Adolescents Blue album, the Vandals first ep all come to mind) but this album has WAY more punch than the uber-reverby "big rock" production of Wild In The Streets, which mars some great songs IMO.

Things were okay for a COUPLE more albums, sure, but after the rhythm section was replaced with a couple of goofs, things slowed down and took a turn for the drab. Every picture of the Circle Jerks I've ever seen has at least one member 5 feet in the air (most members are only 5 feet tall too!

Finding the perfect mix of a guy who is cute enough to look at, funny enough to make us laugh, and nice enough to tell us we're pretty once in a while, slash everyotherminute, is hard. You can't be that girl who loses all of her friends because you think a boy is cute.

And maybe our dads hating them makes it a tiny bit more exciting, I don't know. I'm glad he has friends who aren't me, but seriously, who is she? "I think he just wants a fling." -a guy friend What?!

There's no excuse if you don't own this record, although if you listen to it enough you'll understand why Greg Hetson doesn't play lead guitar in Bad Religion. Yeah, the lyrics are pseudo Tom Cruise/Straight-Edge, but the music is tight and melodic in a way that was missing from "Wonderful".

"Operation," "Paid Vacation," "World Up My Ass," "Red Tape," "Wasted," "Don't Care," "Beverly Hills," "I Just Want Some Skank" and the jaw-droppingly anthemic title track are some of the best songs to come out of the LA scene during the early 80's, and the rest are great, too. Jamie Duval This is actually my favorite CJ album after "Group Sex". this is REAL PUNK ROCK MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAW THEM LIVE IN OHIO THE CIRCLE JERKS PLAY THE SONG FROM THE REPOMAN MOVIE!!!!!!

I know I will fucking sleep better at night, with the knowledge that you guys will survive yet another fucking day!

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