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I'm very proud of where I'm from and where I've been brought up. But Tony Warren was the first to do it on television in any meaningful way. I met Tony for the first time in the Granada TV green room in 1983 and, funnily enough, he already knew about me because he'd been to visit my parents' chippy, which we had at the time down the bottom of Pendlebury Road. As much as he was an entertainment legend and rubbed shoulders with all sorts of people like Noel Coward, he was also rooted in his own city."Nigel Pivaro on the Tony Warren, online 2016"If one worried about backing a loser one would not take part in politics.I'm still very grounded and I like that."Rebecca Atkinson on Shameless, online 2009"To get the most out of life you must be active, you must live and you must have the courage to taste the thrill of being young..."Friedrich Engels, quoted in print issue 6, 2007 "The question is, could my mum see Bez as the new MP for Salford because she's 83, Salford born and bred, and what she says goes. Anybody who has ever been involved in political struggle, particularly in working class struggle, must accept the fact, for the major part of their life, they're going to be involved in losing battles, on the losing side in battles..."...Eccleston keeps a tight lid on his private life (he is long-time married but I challenge anyone to find his wife’s name) but he does allow that he lives near Hampstead Heath in London, and that he is a big Van Morrison fan. “Astral Weeks, but Veedon Fleece, which is similarly experimental as Astral Weeks...

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So it’s that, it’s no hard feelings really...”Good; and now the more maniacal casts Eccleston as an ex-policeman who now runs a B&B in the Lake District with his wife (Marsha Thomason).

And then a close friend and still-serving detective (Paterson Joseph) asks if they can turn their remote home into a police safe house.

“I went to a sixth-form college to re-sit my O-levels and people were there to learn, whereas the school I’d gone to was a little tougher.

So I suddenly realised you could be a little bit more expansive, and this was clocked by a drama teacher who said, ‘if you’re going to mess about, you might as well mess about in here’.”Eccleston gobbled up biographies of the theatrical knights – Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud and Ralph Richardson (“that’s when I first began to hear the names Ibsen, Strindberg and things like that”), found inspiration from fellow Salfordians Albert Finney and Mike Leigh, and made his way to the Barbican to see Mark Rylance and Derek Jacobi in t.

a council-estate upbringing.“Eccleston’s housing estate was in Langworthy in Salford, where his parents both worked at Colgate Palmolive.

He has two brothers, Alan and Keith, who are twins, eight years older than him, and now work as an upholsterer and a builder.“None of my family were actors,” he says.I was quite addicted, I think.”The idea of Eccleston pounding the pavements in order to assuage some inner demons feeds into the image of him as a remarkably intense actor, an image first carved out in such movies as Michael Winterbottom’s harrowing 1996 Thomas Hardy adaptation, is one of five Mc Govern productions in which he has starred “Jimmy’s been the backbone of my career,” he says, going on to explain what he thinks they have in common. our favourite drama is Jim Allen’s [the 1978 Play for Today about welfare cuts against a backdrop of the Queen’s 1977 Silver Jubilee celebrations].I think we were both very aware of 1970s and 1980s writer-led British television; and we have very similar background...‘Madam Secretary’, ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’, ‘Kevin Can Wait’ & More Renewed For Next Season Content Media, Palatin Media Take International Distribution Rights To UP’s Scripted Series ‘Date My Dad’ Sky Vision Locks Down New U. Star date: 24th July 2016 FROM JOHN COOPER CLARKE TO BEN KINGSLEY AND CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTONTo celebrate ten years of the Salford Star here we present a two part article on the city through the eyes of the many local celebrities we've featured since the first print issue in 2006.The role required Eccleston to go wild swimming in Derwent Water and Coniston Water in the depths of winter.


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