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While the town four blocks wide and eight blocks long, there are nearly 12,000 residents, making it one of the most densely populated towns in the United States, says Drasheff.“It’s a small town, you could get to know everybody,’’ said the mayor, who wants to see a recreation center/cultural center in place by 2011.

“Ridgewood has a strong downtown, even though it’s next to Paramus,’’ said Bill Gilsenan, an owner-broker with Gilsenan & Co. Union City If Union City had a patron saint, it would be Celia Cruz, the wildly popular Cuban salsa singer who died in 2003.

Even though Cruz lived in nearby Fort Lee, she has been embraced by the town’s large Hispanic community, which is believed to have the largest Cuban population outside of Miami.

There are no monthly passes, but 10 trips cost just under $60 and 40 trips run $225.

While the town enjoys presidential history as the birthplace of Grover S. Lifelong resident Tom Gartland, broker-owner of Gartland Realtors in Fairfield, says one-bedroom condominiums can be found for just under $190,000.

Ever entrepreneurial, some people peddle mangoes and pineapples out of trucks. Union City is a transit hub, with numerous bus lines passing by the post office en route to New York City, a 15-minute trip with no traffic. Commuter vans and a light rail service are also available, with connecting Manhattan ferry service. Realtors, said a small, one-family rowhouse near Bergenline Ave. “Union City has always been an affordable area,’’ he said, acknowledging that home prices have been reduced because of the economy. The Thread has upscale amenities, with prices starting at $300,000 for one-bedrooms. In the 1870s, a stone quarry in town provided stones to pave streets in New York City and Washington, D. Screen legends Charlie Chaplin and Fatty Arbuckle used the Palisades on the Guttenberg/North Bergen border as a film backdrop.

Guttenberg For a small Hudson County town, Guttenberg has a big history. Drasheff said that a Revolutionary War battle was fought at what is now 72nd St. To celebrate the town’s 150th birthday this year, there will be street fairs overlooking the Hudson River.

Even though he and his wife go into New York all the time, he misses Jamaican beef patties.

Fortunately, he found a substitute in nearby Hackensack.

The train has connecting service to Hoboken and PATH trains as well as the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and ferry service to Manhattan.

A single-family Cape Cod built in the 1950s was recently listed for 5,000, a good price for starter families.

There is a park named in Cruz’s honor that also recognizes such other Latin performers as Tito Puente, and a star-laden walk of fame on the city’s main artery, Bergenline Ave.


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