College campus dating website

So don't look at this as inherently dating outside of your campus dating pool because it might not be at all.This is also helpful if you want to meet some people at nearby schools.

So one of the only ways you might meet them is from an online platform.

It's like being at Hogwarts and only hanging out with people in your house, unaware that there are cool folks in other houses, too!

Even if your school has an LGBTQ community or organization, attending those meetings or events isn't an automatic guarantee to find a uni boo.

Our intern Katie, who IDs as a queer girl, summed it up super well: "I just know a lot of friends who used online dating sites to find possible people to date while in college.

I never dated in high school, so I figured I’d date in college. But aside from missing (in retrospect) obvious signals for a dude I had a bit of a crush on, and getting asked out by a dude I barely knew, my dating life in college was pretty non-existent.

It wasn’t until after college that I started to seriously try dating, and I did that by joining some free online dating services and apps.

I met my current boyfriend via online dating, which makes me wonder why the hell I didn’t try it when I was in college?

We’re led to believe that college is so full of potential hookup and dating opportunities that taking to the internet to find somebody to boo up with is pointless. Sure, there are plenty of people at your disposal in classes, dorms, etc, but this is easier said than done.

If your college is located in a city that houses lots of other colleges, this is a great way to meet your potential soulmate who is chillin' in a dorm across town.

So many LGBTQ folks use online dating services to find potential partners.

When you're queer, finding other queer people can be hard.


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