Computer dating success stories

The mere willingness of Jim to fly across the country to meet Reena touched her, and she found his sincerity and effort attractive.No less attractive was his commitment to the Catholic Church, particularly in her teachings on marriage and pro-life issues.“I felt I had to open my heart and put my will into God’s hands, to be open to any woman I may meet through CM, regardless of her location,” Brendan recalled. But she decided there was really nothing to lose—it was only an online chat request.

When your search for love online has a focus on faith, the results can be phenomenal.

Christian Mingle has brought together thousands of couples over the years – and we love hearing each and every one of their stories. Submit your story to share how you met your soulmate online!

Kevin periodically viewed Meghan’s profile, but no contact was forthcoming.

She had “not currently seeking” on her profile, as she was recovering from a previous relationship on Catholic Match…

“Online dating would be the opposite of my comfort zone.” “I never wanted a long-distance relationship,” Angela admitted.

“In my Catholic Match searches, I never searched more than 200 miles…I am so thankful that Gene chose to message me and I chose to respond.

One in five relationships in the UK starts online, according to recent surveys, and almost half of all British singles have searched for love on the internet.

Just today, nine million Britons will log on looking for love.

Mark and Amy getting together with each other—or anyone else—was by no means a foregone conclusion.

In fact, each were tired of the frustrations associated with dating, but were giving it one final try Cade and Nicole were far apart, he in Texas and she in Connecticut.

The 52-year-old post office manager in New York City had been sort of on-again, off-again as a churchgoer. But I never gave up hope that I would meet ‘The One’ someday.” Over the course of the next three months she put together a list of traits that any future partner of hers would have to have. Why in the world would I waste my time talking to someone so far away? One problem was that there wasn’t a lot of hope for finding dating prospects.


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