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Now that you know who she is, check out Courtney one more time in Kenny’s hot new video.

Hey, I'm Shannon and I'm the founder and Queen Bee of this crazy place we call Nashville Gab.

Obviously E4 blurred the video out for broadcast, but that just made viewers want to see it more, including Queen of And look, we know by this point you just want to actually watch the video (don't even lie) but we can't actually embed it in the article because, if you hadn't noticed, it is VERY unsuitable for work.

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Due to their success, the Dumb Ways to Die characters have been featured in a promotional campaign for Empire Life Insurance, with their key message being, "the dumbest way to die is without life insurance." On October 17, 2014, the Dumb Ways to Die website was revamped to hint at a new installment of the campaign.

Slated for release in November 2014, the games take on a more sporting, athletic, and fitness theme, and is labelled "Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games".

FINALLY saw Stephen Bear get kicked off the show for secretly dating Charlotte Crosby....

But we've already talked about that one today, so here's what else happened.

The lines such as "hide in a dryer" and "What's this red button do? Despite this fact, the video was included into ABC Show and was shown in more than 50 cities of Russia.

The campaign won seven Webby Awards in 2013 including the Best Animation Film & Video and Best Public Service & Activism (Social Content & Marketing).

Later that day, the You Tube video was also censored, with the "This content is not available in your country due to a legal complaint from the government" message.

The official takedown notice sent to was quoted, in part, by Lebedev in his blog.

Writing in Mumbrella in February 2013, a former employee of Victoria's Department of Infrastructure advised critical thinking when evaluating claims made regarding improvements to safety.

Reference was made specifically to the claimed 20 percent reduction in risky behavior as being "social media bullshit".

But it seems she did win something from the show — the affections of Apprentice co-star Courtney Wood.


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