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” What God has in store for you in marriage is so worth the sacrifices you make now for each other.Often couples struggle with chastity before marriage because they are focussed on the pleasure that sex will hold for them once they are married and so they have a hard time waiting for it.

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A lingering hug or a kiss is like a spark which wants to be fanned into a flame. They decide they will not kiss (again) until marriage.

The more a couple expresses their love for each other in these “little” and “harmless” ways, the more they are stirring their passions. While that choice is not for everyone – for those who do choose it, they find themselves incredibly blessed! Again, the goal is to not stir your hearts to desiring something for yourselves now that is not yours to have!

Josh Harris’ books are filled with wonderful and practical ideas and many examples of other couples who struggled with the same issues you struggle with.

His writings help you to see how every expression of physical intimacy seeks consummation.

I know there isn't a solution to make all of this a "piece of cake." There is something beautiful in the struggle that we both realize which is so wonderful. But in this time I just would love some advice about how to be a better more supportive fiancé and advice for him as well. The struggle of staying chaste through a courtship, dating relationship or during the time of engagement is one that many couples face.

I hope I can offer you some practical ideas and encouragement to help you win the battle for purity.is the work of Pope John Paul II – a fresh and wonderful understanding of the gift of human sexuality, the meaning of marriage and the dignity we share as children of God, created in His image and likeness – male and female.Christopher West has taken the Pope’s writings and presents them with energy, humour and passion.The Theology of the Body inspires men and women alike, breathing new life and beauty into our wounded notions of sexuality.Once you’ve heard and understood this message, it is hard to go against the dignity of who you are by transgressing the gift of your chastity, whatever your state in life may an absolutely invaluable resource! Question: Dear Carmen, I am currently engaged to a wonderful, holy man! When we first started dating he really started things off in a very prayerful note.


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