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When you right-click an empty spot in your editor, and in the context menu choose “WPF”, you get support for user interface creation. It now is a fully customizable menu structure that you can populate with your favorite WPF scripts.

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- Click OPEN THE PROXY SETTINGSIf your PRTG server does not have internet access, you can still upgrade, of course, but you will need to download the new version manually from our website or from your customer service portal page. Here you can see the new releases that are available.

To see if a new release is available but not yet downloaded, click on "Check for latest update and download"Click and see what happens.

Commercial users need to have an active maintenance contract to download updates.

If you need to extend your commercial maintenance, you can do this in our online shop.

If the server needs to go over a proxy to get to the internet, please check your proxy settings, under SETUP/ SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION/ CORE AND PROBES.

If you're using a proxy server, please enter the server name, port and credentials here.Here, you can also control PRTG's behaviour for when a new release is available.You can have PRTG automatically download and install new versions, or you can have PRTG download the new version and notify you that it's available.We recommend very strongly against using canary releases in production, but you're welcome to have a copy of our canary release for your test lab if you'd like to test new features immediately.In this settings tab, you can select which release channel you'd like to use for the auto-update function.Before you install a new version, please take a few minutes to read the release notes, which are available here and on our website.


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  3. Her behavior was intolerable.'Leah Remini knows the truth she conveniently rewrites in her revisionist history.

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  5. The importance of parents’ approval is a sign of respect that we Chinoys have for our parents and for upholding our own culture.

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