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Celltrion Healthcare is an affiliate dedicated to the distribution and marketing of Celltrion's biopharmaceuticals.

Celltrion Healthcare's cumulative export of KRW 1 trillion is the first in the biopharmaceutical industry.

In this scenario, some of the resources that you added to the task are not saved.

For the resource names that straddle the 255 character limit, only partial resource names are displayed.

The availability of batch numbers was determined for biopharmaceuticals, and compared with small molecule drugs.

For biopharmaceuticals for which a biosimilar has been approved for marketing in the EU, the identifiability of the product (i.e.

They are listed in reverse date order – newest at the top.

The PU/CUs are normally available in a ‘rollup’ package that also includes the Share Point Server and Share Point Foundation CUs as well as one (sometimes two) ‘Individual’ packages which just contain the Project Server fixes.

Assume that you have a local custom field that is defined to include a lookup table, and yet the table is missing.

When you save the project to the Project server, the save operation fails.

This gives the user contributor rights to the content in the project site instead of reader rights.

Project cannot save the project to Project Web App.

General Queue Job Failed (26000) – Prepare PSProject Permission Synchronization.


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