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This episode is a rare and fascinating look into the world’s largest asset manager.My first guest is Gerry O’Reilly, who is the portfolio manager for the largest mutual fund in the w In this episode Patrick talks to Christian Rudder, who is the co-founder of dating service OK Cupid, a NY Times best-selling author, data and math junky, and musician.

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He is an expert in the fields of statistics, artificial intelligence, and risk management—among many other things.

He is currently the Director of Risk Management for a p This week’s episode features the partners of the Collaborative Fund, a venture-capital firm based in New York City.

This i My guest this week is Shane Parrish, who created the extremely popular Farnam Street—a website dedicated to understanding the world by mastering the best of what others have already figured out.

More than 100,000 people subscribe to the Farnam Street NJoining me on the podcast this week is Jeff Ptak, head of global manager research at Morningstar.

Jeff’s role puts him in the unique position to discuss the state of active management because he gets to see mutual funds from both the bottom-up, through This week we explore a rare and underappreciated skill through the lens of an incredible story.

My guest is Eric Maddox, whose name you probably don’t know but won’t soon forget.

Jason is the Intelligent Investor columnist for the Wall Str Michael Mauboussin, Managing Director and Head of Global Financial Strategies at Credit Suisse, joins Patrick to discuss the current state of the asset management business, explore all of the stages of the investment process, and what edges might exist fo Hedge Fund Manager and author Jeff Gramm talks with Patrick O'Shaughnessy about the history and current state of shareholder activism and discusses how Jeff invests himself, taking large positions and often board seats in undervalued companies.

While we’ve both written extensively on factor investing, we chose to mostly avoid that topic for this conversation.

Patrick and Christian discuss interesting trends in OK Cupids dating data, artificial i In this week’s episode, Patrick and Morgan Housel explore the differences between private and public market investing, how to foster innovation and creativity, how businesses are structured and organized, and how Morgan finds interesting books and topic In this episode, Patrick and Jason Zweig reflect on investing, financial advice, books, and life in general.

The method for living discussed in the last 30 minutes will be useful for everyone.

Reading Peter’s research, you find that there are many similarities between health and investing—ideas like compou My guest this week is John Rogers, founder, CEO and CIO of Ariel investments, one of the longest standing asset management businesses still in existence. In addition to his success at Ariel, he was the captain of the PMy guest this week is Alex Moazed, the co-author of Modern Monopolies: What It Takes to Dominate the 21st Century Economy, which explores the platform business model (Uber, Airbnb, Github).


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  5. Since the rise of online dating over the past decade, many dating websites have come and gone.

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