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Word of the Day natureall the animals, plants, rocks, etc.

In addition, Curtail M also controls many annual broadleaf species, such as wild mustard, wild buckwheat, pigweed, lambsquarters, volunteer sunflower and more.

Curtail M contains clopyralid and MCPA, and it is helpful for small grains growers who want the superior crop tolerance offered by MCPA in their weed control programs, but still require powerful broadleaf weed control.

90% of the time, speakers of English use just 7,500 words in speech and writing.

These words appear in red, and are graded with stars.

Uses for range, pasture, CRP and fallowland also are on the product label.

Open Dictionary platform capitalism a way of doing business that involves recruiting large numbers of people who work for themselves using the company's platform, as used by companies such as Uber, Deliveroo and the like add a word Blog A must for anyone with an interest in the changing face of language.

Aggression In Dogs: Practical Management, Prevention & Behaviour Modification by professional dog trainer Brenda Aloff is an in-depth resource covering virtually all there is to know about aggressive dog behavior and how to modify or reproductive health services for poor women, to render reproductive health care increasingly inaccessible through state-mandated misinformation, unnecessary waiting periods, parental notification, and promotion of abstinence-only "education.

No fascination has ever been attached to Oriental literature, equal to that produced by Mr Galland's first translation of the Arabian Tales; in which, retaining on the one hand the splendour of Eastern costume, and on the other the wildness of Eastern fiction, he mixed these with just so much ordinary feeling and expression, as rendered them interesting and intelligible, while he abridged the long-winded narratives, Among our still more modern and dashing young gentlemen -- who are extremely averse to superfluous effort and supremely indifferent to the purity of their native language -- the formula is still further by the use of "to feel" in a technical sense, meaning, "to recommend-for-the-purposes-of-feeling-and-being-felt"; and at this moment the "slang" of polite or fast society in the upper classes sanctions such a barbarism as "Mr.

Meaning: Place restrictions on Classified under: Verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.

Synonyms: curtail; restrict; curb; cut back Context example: curtail drinking in school Hypernyms (to "curtail" is one way to...): circumscribe; confine; limit (restrict or confine,) Troponyms (each of the following is one way to "curtail"): abridge (lessen, diminish, or curtail) immobilise; immobilize (cause to be unable to move) Sentence frames: Somebody ----s something Something ----s somebody Something ----s something Meaning: Terminate or abbreviate before its intended or proper end or its full extent Classified under: Verbs of size, temperature change, intensifying, etc.

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  1. "They can hide behind a screen name, remaining anonymous while the victim becomes increasingly vulnerable and defenseless ... I received instant messages and e-mails saying, 'We're going to kill you'; 'I wouldn't go to the bathroom alone if I were you'; and 'you better watch your back.' " A survey by the nonprofit i-SAFE America found that while almost half of kids had been bullied online, 58 percent never told an adult about it.

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  3. He reads my profile and then naturally asks me about myself based on what he's read, preferably not in a three word sentence, or a two page letter.

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