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The circulation practically doubled in just one day on 1st December 1930, due to the reduction in price from two pence to one penny.

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He merged the paper with the Daily Telegraph on 1st October 1937.

The Daily Telegraph began printing news stories on the front page before the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939.

On the death of Viscount Camrose in 1954, his younger son Michael Berry (later Baron Hartwell), became Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Telegraph.

He remained in charge until 1987 and was responsible for the founding of the Daily Telegraph's sister paper, The Sunday Telegraph, in 1961.

The front page had previously been dedicated to advertisements and paid announcements, as the advertising revenue contributed significantly towards the cost of producing the newspaper.

The circulation of the Daily Telegraph under Viscount Camrose rose from 100,000 copies in 1930 to over one million copies in 1947.

Search for any day, month and year going back as far as 1900 below to check the availability of historic issues in the world's largest Daily Telegraph archive.

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The year 1855 saw the abolition of stamp duty on newspapers, allowing the development of affordable daily papers for a wider public.

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