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Of those two, one will be this season's runner-up, and although they'll be ,000 richer, they are still likely to be haunted by losing the coveted title."Coming in second place, imagine how much that would haunt you for so long being runner-up," Daniele Donato (seasons eight and 13) tells .Daniele: Honestly I wasn’t rattled, My intentions were to answer questions with much ambiguity because I did not want to in ANY way campaign against my dad. Q: You were wearing a dress similar to Janelle's for the season finale. I had no idea that she had worn that dress the year before, so it was just coincidence. Were you really upset, or was it a tactic to manipulate the other HGs, specifically your dad, to do what you wanted?

Do you think that you would have been able to understand that it was just strategy on their part, without taking it personally, if they had managed to be the ones to turn on you first - and ended up final 2? what do you know now that you wish you had known while you were in the house? What do you think of the comment Amber made about her being portrayed differently because of editing on the show? Daniele: Okay, this is the first and probably only time I will touch on this subject. I don’t want to bring Kris into any of this for respect and his privacy. But I'm really good with money, I plan on saving most of it.

Daniele: Of course I would understand its just strategy, I mean I would’ve been mad the game was up & mad at myself for not acting sooner, but I don’t have to be… Daniele: I haven’t watched the entire show yet, so its hard to say, but from what I’ve seen, its accurate & I truly think she set herself up. I have only seen some of the show & I thought it would be weird, but its just funny realizing why people did things exc. Q: What is your impression of the HGs now that the show is over and you have had the chance to speak to them outside of the BB house? Same impressions really, nothing really surprised me, saw everyone's true colors in the house. I was not married, and yes I feel awful about the way things happened but it was not planned and you cant help emotions, but yes you can help how you act on those emotions. I still don’t watch it yet, I need to start, hello project runway is starting… FAN COMMENTS (NOT REALLY QUESTIONS) C: Donnie from Mechanicsville, MD says: Hey Daniele!

Click Here to Read Yana's interview with Jessica Click Here to Read Yana's interview with Dick Donato Click Here to Read Yana's interview with James Rhine Click Here to Read Yana's interview with Scott Long Click Here for Yana's Interview with BB5's Diane Henry, Click Here for Yana's Interview with Howie Here's Yana Checking In with Beau Beasley, Yana Gets News From Kaysar Click Here Daniele Donato Interview (October 14, 2007) By Yana and Fans BEFORE THE SHOW Q: What was your biggest fear going into the house?

Daniele: To be completely honest, I had no fears, I’m thinking..

(From - Nmora) Daniele: Well, there was a spider crawling by my bed and Zach & I were going to throw it threw the hole in the wall, Zach killed it & we scooted it under the bed because it scared me when Zach threw it at me. Q: Dick gave Zach credit for underestimating him and the strong game Zach played at the end.

We were going to go back and pick it up once we got a tissue, but Jameka never gave us the chance… There were several moves made that helped you two out through this game by a couple of different houseguests.I am a very emotional person and in the house my emotions were all over the place. Others maybe over text or myspace but I'm not going to fake being friends with people I’ll only talk to those I actually have interest in keeping in contact with. DAD QUESTIONS Q: At the very first glance at your dad, did you think "oh shit" or "Alliance baby"?At times it was strategy, but strategy because it was about getting my emotions out at the right time in front of the same people. Daniele: I knew I would have to align with him, but emotionally, it was a LOT harder than I thought it would be to just see him. Q: Shirley (Yana's Mom), jclacy43, Elle Naturelle, tinytina333: (asked the same question): Hi Daniele. and yeah I know life isnt going to be perfect, but you know were getting a long really well and texting and calling all the time, trips planned for the very near future, so I'm definitely liking where all of this is headed. : D Q: Are there plans to attend counseling with your Dad now that the show has ended and keep working on your relationship?Daniele: If you saw any of my interviews before entering the house, when asked about a “showmance” my answer was.. Of course I wasn’t expecting it and definitely not looking for it. It looked like you wanted to tell him so many times. SINCE THE SHOW Q: How is life outside the house like? Q: Once you got outside the house, were you surprised to know you were not thought of by everyone as America's Sweetheart? I now have much more respect for EVERY past houseguest. I'm a very conservative girl, and I don’t like being naked.. Q: First off congrats on a great summer and a new found budding relationship. Daniele: I don’t know why everyone think I wouldn’t, the answer is yes, I would have definitely helped him pay off a lot of bills he was behind on. You won, just by repairing your relationship with your dad!!! Good luck with everything in life and Maryland sends their love!!!!!! Q: I heard that you would be making a trip to Minnesota soon with Nick. Daniele: It was hard and so “frustrating” because he would get so upset at me for not telling him how I felt. Q: At what point during the show did you know that you and Nick would be together (you were hesitant to show your feelings while he was in the house)? We know it's only been a short time, but what things did you take for granted, miss, etc? Hanging out with my best friend Lindsay ALL the time. Q: I'd love to know if you intend to start posting in your Livejournal again? Q: On the show, you were portrayed as being somewhat spoiled. Yeah, I have stuff, but everything I have I have worked for myself. Plus I love your make-up train case...where did you get that? Thank you again for your time." Daniele: Thanks Yana, you're a sweetheart. I love Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and I love outlets! My question: How do you feel about meeting your fans and would you ever consider say, having lunch or dinner and drinks with them if they were ever in your neck of the woods? Everyone is so nice to meet and of course I would hang out. “ok I need a break from reality and just want some excitement in my life, so this will be a nice change of pace…” Q: Were you and/or your father aware that each other were accepted to be on Big Brother 8 prior to the start of the show? We both applied separate, we did however see each other at the open call audition, but did not speak.


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