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Perhaps so, but the variety of writers from the outside is so vast, says Adam.“A lot of people would look at us and think we’re a Christian based writing inmates, or a liberal base writing inmates, it’s both and it’s neither, its everybody.” “I think a lot of people who write to inmates have been impacted in some way via crime or incarceration, and everybody knows somebody in prison over here today.” However this is not to say prisoners cannot and should not find love.We make sure it is the person placing it and also we check the crime and date of birth.” So if the prison pen pal sites are now changing their ways of advertising their prisoner’s profiles, are the people writing looking for romance?

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Photo Credit: Prison pen pals can help form an important part of a prisoner’s rehabilitation and save our country over £6.3 million.

But are too many people associating these pen pal websites with dating profiles?

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This naturally has gained a lot of media attention with the site featured on shows like E!

True Hollywood Story but this had lead to an increase in the myth that prison pen pal sites can lead to finding love.

“The attraction would be either some sort of altruistic religious thing, or maybe an interest in the darker side of human nature, or perhaps just wanting to write to somebody in prison as they think that some criminals are interesting.” This naturally follows into the stereotype of women seeking bad boys to turn their lives around but Lee insists both men and women have this dream love for precarious excitement.

A lot of these people will live superficially exciting lives, [prisoners] will have had money, drugs and they’ll have lived a fast high life, and there are some people who are attracted to that – both men and women.” Are these people who are looking for something more exciting spurred on by lifestyle sites like dating-advice.and articles such as ‘When match gets boring’ begin highlighting these sites as another form of dating for those who’ve had no luck hanging out in bars.

Prison pen pal sites aren’t anything new; they started to crop up in the USA around 15 years ago with the goal to keep prisoners in contact with the outside world during their time behind bars.

From here the motivations of different sites start to show, and many have since been criticised for the sexualisation of prisoners in their pen friend profiles.

Prison is meant to be a place of rehabilitation, reducing reoffenders and changing people’s lives for the better and this may include a future partner.


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