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We need to drink fast before Andy Cohen stops by our table.

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(As Ashley’s baby-crazy wife, Alicia Silverstone takes a one-note character and makes her giggly and endearing.) But at its heart lies an existential Western about two tragic figures fated to spend eternity in locked horns, fighting for nothing, filled with so much hate they can never be happy.

It’s a lot of information to process, a Chanel diaper bag full of real estate and eating and dating and cooking and more eating and divorcing and finally “having it all,” and you’re reaching blindly into it to find your keys. The two scripted works are each adapted, loosely or explicitly, from books: There’s in 2008–09) — please place one of your pink cocktail onions on the Bravo scale, because this is a point in its favor. Now, the good stuff: Let’s move on to the unscripted portion of our breakdown.

Without trying to, it gets at something deeper in the consciousness.

It’s a live action cartoon that arrives in theaters in a world that seems like a live-action cartoon, bearing two anti-heroes mired, like much of America, in uncontrollable, unfocused, unquenchable rage.

The mediator calls herself the “Divorce Diva.” C’mon, we’re trying to have a nice dinner here.

FINAL SCORE: 3 put opposing household views on child-rearing in perspective, and this doesn’t sound like it involves a parent house-transplant. That’s a sympathy point because I also learned really deep lessons from previous parent-swapping programs, like how to baby-proof a stove. They may be “jet-setters,” but they are about to be embarrassed as they are followed on their power quest through America (because Los Angeles does that to everyone). Could be more, depending on the international-phobic element.

television empire, Colicchio’s criticism outside the HOW FANCY: 0. I think it encourages platonic friends to date, but the use of the phrase “a true social experiment” is disconcerting.

These single New Yorkers are successful and they “live it up”!

but stretched out like the tiniest ball of dough into the thinnest sheet of lasagna.

These are the familiar antics of a WACKY ITALIAN FAMILY!

This is a Colicchio-Ramsay collaboration, with 16 trendy restaurants from around the country competing against each other. Depending on the depth of Gordon Ramsay’s involvement, there might be yelling and scallop-related shame. Is this a show about pretending to be attracted to someone you aren’t because you want to be part of a “social experiment”?

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