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In 2014, Vaughn appeared on The Doctors and revealed she suffered from hair loss due to bad reactions from glue used on wigs she wore for many years.She also has discoloration on her skin in many places.

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Richie goes on to state that this flat is simply his "London pomme de terre", and that his main castles are scattered all over the country as he never knows where he is going to be.

He blames this on fox hunting and claims he could "start off in "Berk-shire" and end up in... Returning to the kitchen for dinner, Richie repeatedly finds double entendres in what Eddie is saying while he serves the food.

Eddie explains that their potato masher is missing after being borrowed by a friend by the name of Harry "I'll Do Anything For Half A Pint" Grundy.

Eddie explains that surgeons couldn't remove it after it became lodged into his stomach.

Annoyed by this, Richie repeatedly slams Eddie's head into the saucepan containing the potatoes, thus mashing them with his head and calling it 'squashed potatoes'.

After a false alarm with a female charity collector (whom Eddie assaults, then relieves of her collecting tin), Richie's date arrives.

", Richie thinks Eddie is referring to sex and fights viciously with him behind a curtain in the kitchen.

After dinner, a bedazzled Richie asks the Viscountess to marry him.

Meanwhile, Eddie turns down a date with Sarah Ferguson with great disgust.


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