Dating a fat guy

As long as they don't call me shallow, we are all good. Self-confidence (and lack thereof) comes in all types of packages. He never wanted to do the things I liked, like cross country skiing or biking, one time we went on a short hike, he was red and sweating within 500 feet of the car.

he never wanted to do anything active, took the elevator up one flight of stairs, only ate fast food, wouldn't help with anything around the house, was lzy and unambitious in general, etc. my boyfriend now is in shape and i have to admit its definitely sooo much better.

its so nice to actually be attracted to his body, too.

If I was attracted to her and it was mutual, then the personalities came into play. As a physically active guy I knew there were some activities I did regularly that my partners would be unable to do eith me.

But every woman I've ever dated also had interests she pursued without me, so this was never a problem. But don't assume that your preferences are everyone else's preferences, too.

If the big man is happy without lying to him or other people, that is one thing. I like guy who is over 5'11" with six pack, but if he is a jerk, it would still be a turn off.

If the big man is unhappy and expects others to accept HIM when he cannot even accept himself. The end of day, I am looking for somebody with the total package.I've never met a big guy in my life who is happy with the way he looks, yet they never had a darn problem stuffing their mouths with very unhealthy food.It leads me to wonder, do they have any ambition in life? One of the greatest personality traits for anybody to achieve greatness in life is discipline and consistency.I don't discriminate against anybody, tall, short, thin, fat.Hey, it is their lives and their life style, not mine. The problem with ALL bigger guys in my life is that they complain all day long without doing a darn thing to change the way they look.I think as a society yes some people can be overly superficial; they are the people you skip over.

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