kisah seks gadis burit tembam dijolok batang bapa dan abang kandungnya - Dating a mechanical engineer

A guy like Milton wouldn't last, but that is the stereotype even though it isn't always true.By contrast, communication is heavily emphasized for engineers in healthcare.

Seeing as though I have dated not one, but two engineers, and I am constantly surrounded by (male) engineers, I seem to have become the authority on this topic.

My site stats agree that this content – strange as it may be – attracts substantial traffic.

After a while most of the engineers become "racional creatures". And after a whle most of the engineers realise that if you live yor life this way, you can avoid most of the difficulties. I do like to spoil that special someone in my life with gifts and stuff, but I'm not too romantic.

Well I may have less emotional way of thinking than rest of the population, but it doesn't make me a robot. OK, I do make an cost/enviromental benefit analisys before I buy anything.

Engineers need to marry with other engineers/tech people. I am totally emotional with my girl and love her to death. If you ask you engineer a yes or no question about something he hasn't thought about that day, like, "Would you like to have dinner with me around 7pm?

Intelligence is a dictator and if your not on the same mental level with them, then you would have these problems. This is a source of constant frustration for me in my relationship, because I'm a direct person.

Cons Sometimes he/she has the personalityof a protractor He/she makes obscure jokes about Star Trek,the periodic table, and other strange things you dont want to know about AND he thinks thats romance in unnessary Wont buy anything without completing acost/risk analysis When he does talk, you may have ahard time listening He/shes a dork Notoriously frugal. Poor communication depends on the type of engineer and individual. The #1 rule on our project is that we must collaborate effectively.

I point out that filth is worse than a few books and magazines, and I'm the one whose backwards! Engineers are also incapable of giving straight yes or no answers.

For example, he's into things being clean, but he feeds his cats on the countertops where they spread kitty litter and flea droppings where we prepare food!

He has his own carefully defined structure, which puzzles me sometimes.

However, it was also very guy-centric, and I wondered what sort of dating advice might be useful for female engineers (which, the video says, are hypothetical…like Bigfoot).


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