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“I love to learn about a girl on a first date, but please leave a little mystery.

I hate when I have to listen to someone’s entire life story on a date. Follow the advice above and you just may find dating success!

Dating can be tough…It’s hard to know how to act, how to dress, what to say…

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Yeah, I want you to feel comfortable telling me things, but maybe I want to tell you about me, too.” I know that it’s easy to go overboard when you’re nervous, but slow down on the constant stream of info about you.

- find out from a Male Dating Coach on why men disappear, whether it's after a few dates or even if you're in a relationship.

When I got there, she was waiting for me…with her friend. It turned out that the friend had just been dumped and didn’t want to sit at home on Saturday night.

I never called that girl back, so I guess that solved the lonely Saturday night problem.” I don’t even think I need to tell you why Jamie is right.

Now THAT will make me think you’re a keeper.” It’s been my experience that guys love to feel like they can teach you something.

Ask him to teach you about something he loves and you can probably bet on a second date.

Some of the answers were surprising, but all of them made a lot of sense.

So here they are, ladies…The unedited answers, straight from the mouths of men: “Relax!

It’s just how things work, and you might as well get used to that fact.

Don’t sit around and mope over some guy that you went on one date with…If he doesn’t call back he obviously isn’t exactly your Prince Charming anyway.” Chalk it up to a big loss for him and move on! “Don’t pretend to like something just because I like it! I’m going to know you don’t really know anything about baseball right away…But if you tell me you don’t know about it but are willing to learn?

Seriously, if you’re too uptight to have fun I probably won’t ask you for a second date.


  1. And the idea that love might be a childish matter is almost heresy in the American bible of the heart. for girls to date or get to know several guys at once; whereas, in other countries, that’s considered rude or heartless. That was something I learned to do from the men here in America and just as I was supposed to accept their behavior, I guess I picked up that habit.

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