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And we all know that nothing is easy in restoring old houses!A rim lock is the easiest lock to install - bar none!This is the same drill attachment that you would use if you were installing a modern door lockset.

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Almost all the locks sold here are reversible by simply removing the lock body cover and turning the strike over.

I'll be happy to do this for you if you let me know whether your lock should be for a right or left hand door.

Sadly, people frequently search the internet using the keyword "brass" and consequently miss much of the truly fine antique hardware.

After you've gone to all that effort of choosing the perfect old hardware please don't ruin it by using phillips head screws!

If the door has a big round ugly hole it will need to be filled first.

The easiest way is to cut several rounds of plywood with a hole saw the same diameter as the hole you are filling.

And, last but not least, are rim locks that do not have a doorknob and serve as a skeleton key lock only.

If there are no holes cut in the door it would be the same as with an antique door.

An edging of gold (or any attractive color) paint can be applied or a thin piece of wood a bit larger than the plate/rosette can be added to hide the plug.

There are also companies that sell retrofit hardware that will fit the 2-1/8" hole.

So if you are in need of fasteners that look right for a reproduction or something in a pre-20th-century style, check out Blacksmith before you attach that cabinet back on with Pozi Drive screws.


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