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With a population of 23,000, Carlow has a friendly atmosphere, with plenty of things to do and see for visitors.

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Just outside the town, the Browne's Hill Dolmen is a must-see.

A truly ancient relic, this dolmen looks as if a section of Stonehenge was ripped up and plonked in Carlow.

The massive capstone rests on two portal stones which flank a door stone and slopes downwards to the west where it rests on a low boulder.

The magnificent capstone has excited the interest of many antiquarians and tourists down through the years and it is thought that religious rites, possibly even human sacrifice, were performed there for four and a half thousand years (2500 BC) Signposted, direct access at 5km from Carlow town on the R726 Hacketstown Road.

The exact location of the original abbey is disputed, but historians agree it was probably close to the site of the present-day St. Carlow was an important stronghold in medieval times.

In fact, for a thirteen year period during the 14th century, Carlow served as the capital of Ireland -- or at least, the sections of Ireland (referred to historically as the "Lordship of Ireland") that were loyal to the British "Lord" (centuries later, Henry VII would declare himself the first British King of Ireland).

Carlow Cathedral, which dates to the early 19th century, is worth a visit if you like nice old churches.

For families with kids, Carlow Town Park on the banks of the beautiful River Barrow -- which dominates the town's everyday life -- has a modern playground with padded surfaces. Saint Patrick's Day in Carlow - Historic Irish town with a good community spirit Evidence of a settlement in Carlow dates back thousands of years, as the Browne's Hill Dolmen shows.

Situated in the south-east of Ireland, and linked to Dublin 84km (52 miles) away by motorway, Carlow is the main town of the County Carlow.

The town is built around the picturesque River Barrow, a fine fishing river.

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