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In January, China's Supreme People's Court released a legal interpretation stipulating that names of “political, economic, cultural, religious, national and other public figures” should not be trademarked. Others say politics almost certainly played a role. Chinese authorities were now ruling on case that pitted a guy from Liaoning province against a man running for president of the United States.

If Trump is able to seize broad control of his brand in China, it could be bad news for Shenzhen Trump Industrial Co., which makes high-end Trump-branded toilets. And in English, the “U'' makes a nice toilet-seat shape for their logo.

Zhong Jianwei, one of the founders, said the company will defend its brand if challenged by the U. Trump toilets for the home can do pregnancy tests, while models for public use have disposable seat covers for improved hygiene.

Then Trump's lawyers made what Dresden described as “an odd choice.” They simply went back to the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, which had already rejected their case, and again asked them to invalidate Dong's trademark, Dresden said. Trump's mark was published in China's Trademark Gazette on Nov.

13, less than a week after he won the presidential election. If no one does, the trademark will be registered to Trump on Tuesday.

Why is Trump winning in China's bureaucracy now, after years of failure?

China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce and its foreign ministry did not reply to requests for comment.

That's what happened in the case nearing completion this week.

Trump applied for rights to the Trump mark for construction services on Dec.

He did not answer questions about the ethical dilemmas Trump's China trademarks present for his presidency.

Some lawyers point to a general hardening in China's stance on trademark squatting.

He added that the outcome of future cases could depend on Trump's relationship with Beijing.

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