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Each summit will be a participatory, all-day session with lunch provided.Participants are invited to bring marketing and organizational information to display and share.To register and learn more, please visit or contact UC Small Farm Program Agritourism Coordinator Penny Leff, 530-752-7779 or [email protected]

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These expanding consumer and visual worlds conditioned new ways of feeling.

In July 1526 Matthäus Schwarz, a 29-year-old chief accountant for the mighty Fugger family of merchants from Augsburg, commissioned a naked image of himself as fashionably slim and precisely noted his waist measurements.

Yet the messages they contained (of self-esteem, erotic appeal or social advancement; and their effects, which ranged from delight in wonderful craftsmanship to concern that a look had not been achieved or that someone’s appearance was deceiving) remain familiar to us today.

When cultures throw up new words, historians can be fairly sure that they have struck on new developments.

The word ‘fashion’ gained currency in different languages during the Renaissance. Boorde depicted an almost naked Englishman on a woodcut, cheerily announcing: ‘Now I will wear I cannot tell what, all fashions be pleasant to me.’ Boorde thought that the English would never be role models for other nations if they assimilated other fashions.

His book was also the first in Europe to include woodcut depictions of people in different dress from across Europe.

I shall never forget, while staying in Paris, the day a friend’s husband returned home from a business trip. She had modest breast implants and a slim, sportive body. In her spare time when she was not looking after children, going shopping, walking the dog, or jogging, she would write poems and cry.

She and I were having coffee in a huge sunny living room overlooking the Seine. Next, a pair of beautiful, shiny black shoes flew down the corridor. Yet neither my friend nor her husband would be much out of place in the middle of the 15th century. In the Franconian village of Niklashausen at this time a wandering preacher drew large crowds and got men to cut off their shoulder-length hair and slash the long tips of their pointed shoes, which were seen as wasteful of leather. Men and women in this period aspired to an elongated, delicate, slim silhouette.

He worried about gaining weight, which to him signalled ageing and diminished attractiveness.

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