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It's not just an American opportunity either- European online services are seeing revenues from online dating domains jump as well year over year.

Online dating domains are hot property on the Internet right now, mainly due to the fact that there's a good deal of money to be made with virtual matchmaking.

Browse our inventory of premium dating domain names for sale and find the perfect one that fits your needs. To submit your domain name for sale or to become a Gold Domain Listing, click here.

These domains are some of the cream of the crop for online real estate in the online dating space.

Many of these domain names have been owned for several years by Online Dating Magazine.

Additionally there are some premium domains from other exciting sectors such as geo domains.

Online dating and the accompanying white label opportunities can provide enterprising individuals with the opportunity for extra income.

The list of online dating domain names below includes the name/url of the domain and the price. There are not Websites associated with these domains.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the domain names then please contact [email protected] is also the ability to weed out obvious miss-matches, or those who do not fit the standards users are looking to fill.For whichever reason, people are flocking to online dating domains, making it the perfect time to invest in a new business centered around matchmaking.It is a very profitable business and it is essential to have a quality dating domain name that people will remember instantly.Good Dating and social domain names are very rare to get these days, and smart companies usually grab them as soon as they are available.An important factor is choosing a good and memorable domain.

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