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Step 1 While chatting her on messenger or over the phone tell about the really cool party you went to and what a great time you had with your friends.Ideally, we are supposed to have a healthy social life but while talking about it to a potential girlfriend, give it a give it a larger-than-life twist.When guys wanted to appear less available, they used only three methods more than gals did including 'acting snooty or rude,' 'saying all the right things but not calling,' and 'treating others like s#@t.' Not surprisingly to anyone who's been single, researchers found that women played hard-to-get more often than men did.

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In the pickup terminology, this is called pre-selection which states that women are subconsciously attracted to men who already have women in their lives. Knowing this the hypnotist gets introduces her to the state for a few seconds and then breaks it himself.

Then he again repeats the process for another few seconds and breaks it again.

"Because women have greater value in the biological mating market, they can afford to play hard-to-get more than men can," he explains.

"Men who are too hard-to-get may miss out on a mating opportunity." A second experiment of nearly 300 U. college students identified the top two reasons for playing hard-to-get were to increase demand (to make a romantic partner want someone more) and to test a partner's willingness to commit (to gauge interest and keep up a mate's pursuit).

But there were slight differences in strategies between the sexes.

When gals acted coy they tended 'not to call,' 'not to talk a lot,' and 'to stay busy,' more than guys did.

But if you're a man looking for a casual fling, it pays to be impossible to get, says Jonason.

And when it came to spending money and time on a potential romantic partner, 425 college students revealed that the less available a person is, the more a prospective mate is willing to invest time and money in him or her.

Step 4 If you have followed the three steps mentioned above, the girl is bound to be excited at thought of getting an opportunity to get a taste of your exciting life. Make a lame excuse about how busy you're with work, apologise and reschedule the meet.


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