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As a singleton in Berlin, I have been involved in numerous discussions about men and dating since arriving.In less than two months I have managed to form a very clear picture of what I’m dealing with here aided by other single girl’s impressions of the dating scene and some interesting first-hand experiences. There is no shortage of attractive males My first impression of Berlin men is that they’re a good-looking bunch on the whole.But I have to say that I’m starting to see a pattern to my dating in Berlin. Everything has to happen really quickly, I mean tomorrow he has to meet up with some other backpackers at Brandenburger Tor and before that he wants to swallow as many Jägerbombs as possible. He’s happy though, you won’t see the Berlin winter depression in this guy! Everything it’s possible to take very seriously, you should take very seriously. Don’t tell anyone though, he’s a nice and clean one, remember? The DJ This one is mostly in, or on his way to, his studio. His main goal is that the audience won’t be able to hear a difference at all, I think. Every time you’re playing music for this guy he seems to think it is a performance you’re holding. He wants you to know where he gets his inspiration from. You never see him play on an actual stage, but he owns a lot of guitars. Strong risk that he writes you a song that he’s performing live in front of you.

He is toned because he dances between 12 and 36 hours a day (you do the math) and he is tanned because of all the open airs he attended this summer.

His favourite adjective is “super” and he probably hasn’t read a book since the 70s, which coincidentally was the last time he was drug-free.

These character traits might be off putting but he is not for one second sore on the eyes. They don’t make the first move One of the first lessons I learned about German men is that they are extremely passive when it comes to making the first move, or any move thereafter.

When chatting to a nice bloke at the bar, it is very likely that he will not ask for your number or give you any indication that he likes you or would like to see you again.

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They want you to know they’re committed and that they love their children and that they’re unavailable.

But they want to do this all while looking extremely attractive and alluring. The list would not be complete, however, if I didn’t include my absolute favourite (read ) breed can be found most weekends somewhere between time and space on a dance floor near Warshauer Strasse or Holzmark Strasse.

I’m gonna make fun of the ones I’ve been/still are dating in Berlin, and I’m gonna take the risk of never getting laid again…Everything is temporary here in Berlin, and obviously that’s one of the main reasons that everybody’s single.

But since I consider clichés a mouth to mouth type of science and happen to be a quite judgmental and superficial person, I’m gonna do this anyway.

They consume more fashion-related media than your average career woman and have sleek, styled hair that sits perfectly in place…at all times.


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