Dating in early twenties

You might have to try a few jobs you don’t like and it might be hard for a while, but never settle.

We only get one life, don’t spend it doing something you don’t like.

Depending on what country you are in and what skills you may or may not have, you could have a really rough time finding traction with work (or even getting any work at all). You might be struggling to make ends meet and have to move back in with your parents.

It is going to absolutely suck and you’ll hate your life more than you can imagine.

If, however, you show up to win every day and do more than what is asked of you, the sky is the limit.

You may go from job to job, but you’ll pick up valuable experience and insight along the way whereas others merely pick up a paycheck and more cynicism, never becoming more valuable in the process.

I’m not saying you need to spend every day with your nose to the grindstone and never have any fun, but it’s a good idea to balance things out.

Here are some pieces of advice taken from my own and many others’ experiences that will help you not to waste a very important decade.It was exhausting and incredibly unsatisfying to live my life for adulation from others.When I joined the army, I began to dislike and chafe against authority.They’ll pressure you to just get a job, any job, so you can make some money.They’ll pressure you to stay in that job you don’t like because it’s stable.Everyone grows up with a certain amount of conditioning from their parents, teachers and other authority figures.


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