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The first people to discover Australia did so approximately 40,000 years before Europeans set foot on the continent.Recently unearthed evidence suggests, somewhat controversially, that the first European to visit Australia was Portuguese explorer Christopher de Mendonca, who led a flotilla of four ships into Botany Bay in 1522 - almost 250 years before Britain's Captain James Cook.

It possesses approximately 36,000 kilometres (22,000 miles) of beautiful coastline, 15 World Heritage Listed sites and over 3,000 national reserves.

A brilliant mix of natural wonders, fantastic food and wine, culture, history, cosmopolitan cities and laid-back friendly locals, it is a peaceful backdrop to any holiday, encouraging visitors to return time and time again for the unique collection of adventures on offer.

Even then Australia remained a part of the British Empire, with the British Monarch as its Head of State and a population consisting primarily of Anglo-Saxons.

In 1931 the Statute of Westminster Act was passed into law in London, and eventually ratified in Canberra in 1942 (backdated to 1939) - this Act gave Australia its independence as a nation.

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If you register for an account on the wiki and login, you can also Monitor the page by clicking on the eyeball in the upper right and receive email notifications of changes.In 1836 another colony was founded at Port Adelaide, which grew into South Australia.The city of Adelaide was planned by Colonel William Light (1786-1839) the first Surveyor General of Australia.Some offers made, including Sandro Tacchella (declined). Emily Wisnioski and Trevor Mendel (ANU), Tiantian Yuan (Swinburne), Caroline Foster (U Sydney)Shortlist notified, including Tom Holoien, John Ruan, Anna Rosen, Arpita Roy, Steph Sallum, Néstor Espinoza, Megan Bedell, Sarah Wellons, Irene Shivaei, Krista Lynne Smith, Wei Zhu, Hsin-Yu Chen, Alex Ji, Anna Nierenberg, Decker French, Rachael Beaton. As of 2/14, all offers have been made, and rejection emails have been sent. Offers to Decker French, Alex Ji, Tom Holoien, Gergö Popping (declined), Allison Strom60 applicants. At least one offer made (1/23) to Meredith Mac Gregor (w/ NSF) At least 1 rejection sent (March 1) Another offer (Vera Rubin Fellowship) made to Jaehan Bae. Princeton), Brett Mc Guire (NRAO/Cf A), Chat Hull (declined), George Zhou (SAO), Ivan Cabrera-Ziri, Evan Schneider (Princeton), Sarah Loebman (UC Davis), Katherine de Kleer (declined), Jordan Stone, Anna Rosen (declined), Susan Clark (IAS), Ena Choi (Columbia), Decker French (Carnegie Obs), Alex Ji (Carnegie Obs), Wen-fai Fong, Anne Jaskot, Ke Zhang (UMich), Johanna Teske (Carnegie DTM). Shortlist notified: Rémi Adam, Andres Balaguera Antolínez, Edoardo Carlesi, Aurelio Carnero Rosell, Ashkbiz Danehkar, Ivan De Martino, Ignasi Pérez i Ràfols, Prabhakar Tiwari, Yi Zheng (February 13, 2017). At least some interviews arranged, including Yannick Bahe (Jan 22). Meanwhile European settlement spread to other parts of Australia. However the treaty was not recognised by the British government, which disregarded it.


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