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The sign shall be in the form and carry the wording and warning symbol illustrated: The required warning symbol and lettering on the sign shall be in the same proportion as the wording and warning symbol illustrated herein and in proportion to the actual size of the sign.

No company logos or other advertising graphics may appear on the face of the sign.

"It arrived in plenty of time for the event, and before the promised date! We've become the guru of online sign sales because we've perfected the process.

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Controversy often erupts when a candidate’s signs suddenly vanish from front yards and public roadways.

Occasionally, someone is arrested and charged with stealing campaign signs.

The signs posted at access points must be within five feet of the access point.

(ii) No other signs may be posted on the treated property by the pesticide business within thirty feet of the above sign.

Each year, many local news reports chronicle the use — and abuse — of this relatively inexpensive form of election advertising.

Some communities have lengthy rules for what election signage should look like and where it can be placed.The study’s findings include: The results from each of the four individual experiments were not, on their own, statistically significant.But the researchers were able to draw general conclusions after pooling the average results of the four experiments.(b) They have posted the signs required under paragraph (A)(1)(c) of this rule in the manner prescribed therein.(3) Apply any lawn pesticides to public lawns in any municipal corporation or subdivided area of a township unless: (a) They have provided the information required in paragraph (A)(1)(a) of this rule and the date and approximate time of application to the individual on site who is responsible for administration of the property on which the lawn pesticide is applied.While lawn signs are widely used in modern elections, their effectiveness has not been as widely studied as other forms of campaigning, such as door-to-door canvassing, hand-held placards and telephone calls.


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