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The fabric is older than DD, an ignoble poly taffeta that loves to pucker. But it did come out OK, and I credit the excellent though sparse instruction included in the pattern. We are all excited to see how it all comes together, with elbow gloves and a big hat off of e Bay and belts and jewelry from local thrift shops.

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Each “designer” had a different New York city address, which Smith thinks were mail drops to distinguish the bylines.

The company also used regional names such as Carol Curtis in the Midwest and Mary Cullen in the Northwest.

Mc Call’s 3818 – 1973 Its a Halston – what more can I say?

This has all of the refined details of his sportswear; body skimming but still fitted at the shoulder, waist and hips, a very narrow waistband and a flat front on the pants.

Vogue 6995 – 1950 This one has a copyright date, which is missing from most of the collection. Since DD was away at Oxbow in the Fall, she didn’t get started until January.

I love this so much I’m tempted to see if Vogue would be interested in adding it to the Vintage Vogue collection. She was told that there had to be minimum 8 outfits to participate, not 3 like she did last year.The one on the left is just about my ideal summer dress, I think it would look great in seersucker or madras plaid, and the style on the right would look great in red or pumpkin wool crepe for the fall and winter. 2817 – Early 1950’s This jacket reminds me of Vogue 7908, a modern Claire Shaeffer pattern.The side hip buttons are very cool and the jacket and blouse version would also look great and very modern with wide leg pants. First Lady of France Carla Bruni needs to work on her hat wardrobe a bit; it’s hard to believe she looks more matronly than the Queen, who is twice her age and still wore a better hat. Maybe when my daughters get married I’ll have a chance to wear one. My dear daughter’s high school is holding another fashion show this year. This is the 3rd year they are putting it on, and fundraising with the proceeds.Modes Royale appears to have been a semi-custom pattern company, and notice the price on the envelope is .00 – a huge sum of money for a pattern when most of them were only $.25 apiece.The envelope is really large, about the size of today’s Vogue Designer patterns.I’m a relative novice to vintage patterns, but I’ve had enough pass through my hands to recognize the typeface and visual style of the “Progressive Farmer” pattern (see below), which American Age Fashion wrote about recently as “Becky Stott’s pattern.” Read the blog here. I’ve noticed that there was at least one pattern company in New York that specialized in making patterns that would be sold through regional newspapers.


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