Dating martin acoustic guitars

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In 1939, Martin and his family moved to Nazareth, PA. They produced guitars just outside of town making more straight forward designs, rather than the European that Martin learned. Martin & Company was introduced and lines were expanded.

In 1852, Martin standardized his body sizes with 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. In 1896 the first Martin mandolins began being produced.

was born in 1796 and came from a woodworking background.

Martin and his family emigrated to America in 1833 and set up a full line music store in New York. Zoebich & Sons, they had the New York label until 1898.

Mandolins previously produced in Nazareth, PA between 19, in New York between 18, and in Mexico (Backpacker Series) between 19. In 1825, Martin left Stauffer and returned to Germany, his birthplace.

He learned guitar building as an employee for Johann Stauffer and became Stauffer's foreman in Austria.

Model Numbers stamped above the Serial Number starting in 1930. Prior to October 1930, the model is NOT stamped on the neck block (you have to figure it out yourself! Right: The model and serial numbers, as seen through the sound hole of this 1944 D-18, serial number 90067.

Starting in October 1930, Martin also stamped the model number just above the serial number. Notice the "1" in the "18" does somewhat look like a "2".

These serial number apply to all Martin guitars, flat top and arch top.

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