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When I finally got a date with an attractive man in his mid-60s I imagined he would be thrilled to be stepping out with a younger woman. When I pulled back in horror as he lunged at me in the taxi after dinner, he swivelled round."Listen," he said, eyes popping with rage. You should be grateful."I had forgotten how cruel it is out there for a woman on her own in mid-life.When a man is alone and over 50 people call him a dashing silver fox who is invited everywhere.

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The last thing I want is to start running around town with a man half my age.

However, it's a problem many women face as mid-life divorce is on the rise.

I desperately wanted to be with someone but the future seemed so bleak. I found it particularly hard to deal with the fact that men were no longer beating a path to my door.

When you're in your 20s and 30s breaking up is not that hard to do.

Another good thing about flying solo is that you have endless freedom to do all the things you had to put on the back burner.

I made lots of new friends, joined new clubs and stopped being angry. I cut out eating carbs after six, went running round the park and I got things back into perspective.According to a study by Bowling Green State University, divorce rate among couples over 50 more than doubled in the last two decades.In 1990, fewer than one in 10 people who divorced was 50 or older; by 2008, it was more than one in four. Some couples meet in high school or college, settle down and marry young. Clutching a glass of bubbly I waltzed across the room and flashed my best come-hither smile at the stranger by the bar.Then I planted a kiss on his cheek and dragged him on to the dance floor.You can leave, put on some lipstick and find a new partner pronto.


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